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What university admission committee look for while considering student applications

31 Aug 2022 Author : Scholab

Thousands of students from around the world apply to a college or a university. Getting admission to a well-reputed university is regarded as a matter of luck in many cases. That is not the case. Students are expected to pay utmost attention to the admission process and follow it all respectfully.

It is crucial to understand that people won't get admission through grades and letters of recommendation alone. Universities will want their applicants to bring something new and robust or advanced to them. A dynamic and compelling application will get the attention of the authorities.

Universities around the world have their own processes of admitting students. In the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States, educational institutions will look for a persuasive essay. Other countries will require good grades in entrance tests. Medical and engineering courses in India, for example, will give out entrance examinations.

Other universities or colleges weigh extracurricular interests and leadership potential more heavily than recommendations or test grades. Other reputed colleges will conduct interviews with students.

So, what are those factors the university admission committee will pay attention to when they go through student applications?

Here are some things students must pay attention to

Universities and colleges look for contributors

A student is like a small piece of a puzzle to the university. Their addition should be what the authorities are looking for. While going through different applications, authorities will look for those students who will thrive the best and contribute to the unique milieu of their institution. They don't want to indulge in anything that resembles a waste of time.

It is also one of the reasons why students should be truthful in their interviews or SOPs (Statement of Purpose).

When the admissions committee goes through SOPs, they expect students to express why and how much they desire to be in that university. SOPs must be well-written and thoughtful. They look for the same truthfulness and charisma during interviews as well.

Maturity and clarity in thinking

During the interviews or in SOPs, students might be in a position to disclose certain problems they have in their lives. It can be personal, professional, or circumstantial issues. The admission committee will be expecting the students to be matured enough to handle or deal with these issues, as opposed to shifting the blame on others.

Institutions wouldn't want the blame to be placed on them in any manner. The maturity of a person is fed well by his or her clarity of thinking and expressing skills.


Good grades are crucial. It is probably out there that certain universities will prioritize a well-written essay, entrance test, or interviews when it comes to giving admissions. The fact of the matter is that authorities will look at the grades no matter what. A good grade is probably what gets their attention in the first place.

They will probably check if a student sacrificed studies too much for their extra-curricular activities and vice versa.

Every university will have a minimum percentage of marks or grades mentioned in their admission guidelines.

Subject knowledge

Admissions committee will check if the applicants are enthusiastic about studying the course. Thousands of students will try to apply to a university so they wouldn't want to deal with students who will simply leave the course midway because that opportunity could have gone to someone else.

So, the institution authorities will look for a personal statement that clearly outlines the student's desire to study the course they have chosen. It depends on the application process. For example, in interviews, the committee will ask clearly, "why do you want to study at this university,” or "why did you pick this course?"

They will be expecting a compelling answer to the questions. Similarly, in admission essays, students’ words of enthusiasm and determination are what will get them their deserved seats.

Extra-curricular activities or sports

Universities don't expect their students to limit their talents to studies alone. They will look for students who have participated or partly taken in other extra-curricular activities, arts, sports, or community service. Including these details will help in getting their attention. Also, students are expected to be mindful, they should not get the impression that whatever is mentioned is a lie.

What you should keep in mind while applying to

Follow the instruction laid out by the university carefully. Go through their admission process and prepare accordingly.

Exams: If it is an entrance exam:

● Study hard to ace it.

● You can opt for online or offline coaching classes.

● There are plenty of guides available for reference.

● Talk to a friend or relative who did the entrance exams for guidance.

● Try doing online mock tests as they can come in very handy.

● Try to get previous years' questions to get an idea.

SOP: If you have to write an essay:

● Be truthful in your approach.

● Mention why you want to study in that university, why you chose the subject, and how you intend to contribute to the institution.

● Talk about your future plans and mention where you see yourself 10 – 15 years from now.

● Narrate what your aims and ambitions are.

● Include how well you performed in sports or how many accolades you have got in arts.

● If you have work experience or did community service, then mention that too.

Interview: if it is an interview, here are basic things to keep in mind:

● Dress well in format attires. Keep your hair neat.

● Maintain eye contact when you talk to anyone on the admission committee.

● Sit properly and comfortably. You may use the armrest for the same. Don't sit too still as you will appear artificial or nervous.

● Ensure that you have clarity in words.

● If there is a question you didn't understand, reiterate it immediately.

● Be truthful in your answers. Remember that they will expect maturity from you.

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