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Your Trusted Overseas Education Consultant In Saudi Arabia

25 Nov 2022 Author : Scholab

Are you planning to do your higher studies overseas? You have come to the right place! 

Scholab is a reputed overseas education consultancy service provider with years of experience and success. If you are an Indian student living in Saudi Arabia, who wants to do higher studies in countries like New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and the UK, we are here to help you throughout the process.

We have successfully placed thousands of Indian students in several popular universities around the world. We work closely with Indian students who have settled abroad, notably in Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia.

Services We Offer  

  • Educational Counselling: Our team will provide the right kind of assistance and guidance to students so that they will choose the right path for their higher studies. After finishing your studies in Saudi Arabia, you might find it confusing as to which course or which university you must choose. Our team is here to help you through all that process.
  • Course Selection: if you have a clear plan in mind then our team in Scholab will help you in the course selection process. We will provide information regarding which all institutions offer the course you have chosen. In that way, you can apply to several institutions to increase your chances. We also understand the importance of getting proper exposure, better opportunities, and scope for doing other part-time jobs. We will help you in selecting the course accordingly.
  • University Selection: universities must be chosen while keeping a few important factors in mind like budget, quality of education, safety and security for international students, opportunities, and all. We have enough information about all major universities from countries like Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, and the UK. We will guide you in the process of university selection.
  • Offers & Admissions in Universities or Colleges: the process of applying to different universities and colleges can be a tedious task. Certain universities will ask you to submit an SoP (Statement of Purpose). Others might ask you to write an entrance exam. We are here to offer all the guidelines related to the application process. You can prepare for it likewise.
  • Visa Assistance: Visa application process might seem confusing and worrying. We are here to assist you in any manner. Our team will provide crucial information linked to the types of visas available, how you can apply for them, and if your spouses or family members can be taken with you. Our team will be there to hold your hands until the whole process is done.
  • Scholarship Assistance: Scholarships are meant to financially assist and aid the student in their education process. Scholarships don't have to be repaid, unlike student loans. We will give all information crucial information regarding scholarships that are available and how you can get them.
  • Pre-Departure and Post-Arrival Services: Our team, with years of experience, can provide pivotal assistance and guidance in all matters related to immigration. Both the pre-departure and post-arrival processes will be made very smooth for you.
  • Accommodation Services: Our team can provide all information related to the accommodation you can find while doing your studies abroad. We have contacts that can help us by providing information regarding all the affordable accommodation options, you can get, in the country you are planning to migrate to.
  • Immigration Assistance: The team working at Scholab is well-informed regarding everything linked to immigration. They keep themselves updated with everything new that has been happening and provides all the information you will need.
  • Visitor Visas: Visitor visas are non-immigrant visas meant for people who want to visit a country temporarily for business, for tourism, or a combination of both. Our team will give out all the crucial information related to the visitor visa so that you or any of your family members can get it to visit a particular country. We will guide you throughout the process to make your journey smoother.  

Study Abroad In

  • New Zealand: New Zealand is one of the most popular countries to work and study in. We offer all the information regarding visa applications, university or college applications, and other necessities to migrate to the country.
  • Canada: Canada is one of the most popular study destinations among international students. There are plenty of scholarships and other opportunities for students from India and the Middle East can access.
  • The United Kingdom: UK-Based Universities are lauded by various sections for their high standard of education which involves innovative techniques and research. Students who look forward to a lot of opportunities can migrate to the UK.
  • Ireland: Ireland is one of the safest and friendliest countries to live in. People who are proficient in the English language can live in the country easily. The country has several top-notch universities that are extremely affordable for international students.
  • Australia: Australia has been chosen by international students for various reasons, notably for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere. 7 world-recognised universities from Australia consistently rank among the top 100 universities list. The country's universities also provide a lot of opportunities for innovations and scientific research.

Do You Want To Migrate To The Country?

Our team at Scholab is always there to serve Indian students from around the world. If you are an Indian student settled in Saudi Arabia, then call us at +91 7902525250 or you may contact us online at info@scholabedu.com.