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Finding the Perfect Work-Study Balance Abroad for Long-term Financial Stability

14 Jun 2023 Author : Scholab

Studying abroad could be an expensive affair. Your tuition fee must be easily covered if you are on a scholarship or educational loan. But what about other expenses such as food, accommodation, travel, entertainment, etc.? An easy solution is to explore the work opportunities around.

Most students who are studying abroad take up part-time jobs. This is a great way to find a financial balance. Moreover, it can help you network, understand the local culture, and acquire new skills. Overall, it will benefit you in having long-term financial stability. However, finding the perfect work-study balance is necessary so that your academics do not suffer due to work. Here are some tips that top study abroad consultants may share with you:


Juggling between work and studies can be challenging. But having a plan of action can help you have a routine or system to find time for both. There is no doubt that your studies need to be prioritized. You have taken up a job only to support your academic endeavors. Therefore, you must allot more time to finish your assignments and projects. Adjust your plan every week to accommodate the homework given to you. It would help if you also planned the time needed for sleep and other routine chores.

Find a Suitable Job

Find a job that suits your needs based on your course and how much time you need to invest in your studies. Some students like choosing work related to their course, while others select jobs requiring completely different skills. By choosing a job related to your course, you would get an added advantage by putting that experience on your CV. You also can network with people in your field. Choosing a completely different job is also exciting. You can learn a lot of new things and give your academic brain some rest. However, ensure such jobs only require a little time to learn the skill.

Get Some Rest

Yes, you earn more if you work more. But it will affect your studies in the long run. Find time to sleep well, exercise, and for your hobbies every day. It is also essential that at least once a month, you travel and explore the new country that you are in. This could help you rejuvenate and study hard.

Save Money

With some minor changes in your ways, you can save enough money. Many students have take-out food in a rush to reach for work from a college or vice versa. You can save a lot of money if you have homemade food daily. Find a job near your accommodation or college so you don’t spend much on transport. It is best if your workplace is within a walkable distance.


You can achieve the perfect work-study balance abroad can be with some planning. What might work for another student may not work for you. Don’t take too much on your plate. Make changes in your plans depending on how much you must study. International education consultants can also help you in finding the right balance.

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