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Follow These Steps To Gain A Spouse Visa In Germany From Saudi Arabia

05 Dec 2022 Author : Scholab

Is your spouse living in Germany? Want to reunite with them?

Living abroad is not easy as one has to get used to a new phase and a different lifestyle. People might find it difficult to get adapted to these circumstances. At the same time, living away from family members, especially spouses, can take a toll on a person. Being with a loved one will help a person develop the required self-confidence as well as a feeling of being at home. A family reunion visa helps a person reunite with a loved one including a spouse, who is living abroad.  

People who can apply for a family reunion visa are: 

  • Spouse
  • Children below 18 years of age
  • Parent of a German child below 18 and have custody rights 

The person, one is joining, must be a resident of the country to get this visa. So, students from Saudi Arabia who are living in Germany for their studies can bring their respective spouses through this visa. If you are an Indian living in Germany, or if your spouse is living in Saudi Arabia, follow these steps to get a family reunion visa.

How To Get Family Reunion Visa

You must approach a German embassy or consulate in Saudi Arabia. The Embassy of Germany is in Riyadh whereas the German Consulate is in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The embassy of Saudi Arabia is in Berlin, Germany. Contact the embassy and they will tell the requirements. You are also expected to visit a visa application centre. They will fix an appointment and you are expected to take the following documents on the day. 

  • An application form that has been filled flawlessly
  • Valid passport
  • Photo ID proof (if requested)
  • Biometric passport photo
  • Proof of relationship to your family member in Germany, like a marriage certificate
  • Evidence that you have custody rights, to join a child under 18 (if it is required)
  • Proof of at least A1 German language skills if you are applying as a spouse. In case you don't have the proof, provide evidence that you will enrol in a language course
  • Evidence of the German nationality of your spouse, like his or her passport or birth certificate
  • Proof of health insurance

Joining Family Members With Temporary Visa In Germany 

The peculiarity of Germany, when compared to other European countries, is that if your spouse is in the country on a study visa then you and your dependent children can join him or her straight away. You don't have to wait for any qualifying residence period.

But a family reunion visa will not be applicable to join your spouse who is on a short-stay visa, valid for three months. You are expected to apply for a German visa individually under one of the applicable Schengen Visa categories.

What To Do After Coming To Germany?

After reaching Germany, whether you are from India or Saudi Arabia, you are expected to register with the locally available residents’ registration office or 'Einwohnermeldeamt.' You are expected to do this within two weeks of your arrival in Germany if you intend to live there for a period longer than three months. The einwohnermeldeamt process is done for tax and social security purposes.

Other things you need to consider after arriving in Germany are:

  • Registering for healthcare in the country
  • Opening a bank account
  • Sorting out your utilities
  • Sorting out your telecommunications
  • Getting a SIM card in Germany

Other Important Details You Need To Know

About Visa Length A family reunion visa is generally issued as a temporary residence permit but after about three years of living in the country, one can apply for permanent residence in the country.

About Entitlements, A family reunion visa permits you to do studies or work in the country. You can also set up your own business in the country. But, until you start the tax and social security contributions in Germany, you will have limited access to public benefits.

About Processing Time Overall visa processing time can be as long as 6 to 12 weeks, depending on other circumstances that might lead to a delay. For example, a possible COVID-19 pandemic-related lockdown or other repercussions.

Cost A family reunion visa's standard cost is 75 Euros or INR 6,255.37. For children, it is 37.50 Euros or INR 3,126.77.

In Case Of A Divorce, You must remember that the dissolution of your marriage can have implications on your family reunion visa. You can remain in the country if you have lived there longer than three years and apply for permanent residency. If you and your spouse intend to get a divorce then you must find grounds for remaining in Germany independently, like getting a well-paid job. You can get a permit to be in the country if you have a child and if you face domestic violence at the hands of your spouse.

In Case Of A Death Of A Relative If your relative living in Saudi Arabia or India died while you are in Germany, then it doesn't necessarily affect your rights to be in the country. However, if your dependent relative dies, then you must demonstrate your ability to continue and accommodate yourself.

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