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Canada - The most sought-after destination for higher education

23 Aug 2023 Author : Scholab

Touted as a world-class multicultural city, Canada has emerged as one of the top-rated destinations for ambitious students across the Globe. There’s a lot to admire about Canada apart from its chilly winters and the vast wilderness as it offers a conducive environment for students who wish to surge ahead in their career.

Home to reputed world-class educational institutions and universities such as University of Toronto, University of Alberta and University of British Columbia, learning at Canada has gone on to become a proud status symbol for many.

The liberal government policies related to post-study work and immigration too have contributed massively to the popularity of Canada among youngsters who are looking for the right destination to study abroad.

Another interesting facet about Canada is that it has the finest system of community colleges proving to be the best option for students looking for inexpensive programmes of a shorter duration.

Here are some of the prime factors that add to the allure of Canada, making it a top-notch destination for international students

Land of immigrants

Boasting of a warm and welcoming society, Canada embraces diversity in great measure. This is considered to be one of its major hallmarks. Migrant students get the opportunity to closely interact with people belonging to various ethnic groups in this true multicultural landscape where everyone coexists peacefully.

Affordable Education

The tuition fee in Canada is comparatively cheaper to other popular study-abroad destinations. This makes it a viable option, especially for Indian students considering the lucrative job offers that are likely to come their way after the completion of the course. Apart from this, qualified students are also eligible for various scholarships.

English Speaking Country

As Canada is an English Speaking Country, the immigrant students will find it all the more convenient to learn and interact. This factor is a top draw and is one among the reasons why students choose Canada over other destinations.

Opportunities for part-time job positions

Canada is also an apt place where you can earn while you learn. The students have enough free time and are permitted to work for about 20 hours from the campus as well as outside. There is also a provision to apply for a post-study work permit for up to 3 years depending on the duration of the programme.

Possibility of permanent residency

The formalities to apply for permanent citizenship has eased considerably in Canada compared to other prominent study abroad destinations across the Globe. This factor has contributed a lot in clearing the concerns of the immigrant students as it gives them the opportunity to be long-term citizens of the country.

Stay back options

Canada also stands out on account of the ample stay back opportunities it offers to students. All those who pursue a course of over more than 8 months have the option to avail stay back of more than 1 year.

Apart from these stand out factors, Canada has many more merits to its credit making it a suitable choice for all those who opt for higher learning.

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