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Why Professional Guidance Is Essential From An Overseas Education Consultancy?

31 Aug 2022 Author : scholab

Do you plan on studying abroad? Have you decided which country or university you want to go to?

If you are moving to a country you have never been to before or if you are not familiar with the process of university admission, it is crucial that you get a professional overseas education consultant.

Going to a university abroad involved a lot of steps that can be both confusing and stressful for you. Not only that, these steps might also be different in different countries and universities.

Many universities have stopped taking direct student applications, notably the ones in Canada. They will take applications only through an authorized consultant. It is done to prevent possible fraudulent documentation, that was previously reported in several universities. Certain institutions have appointed authorized consultants through which an aspirant can submit his or her application.

Consultants can help students navigate through the whole process of getting an admission. They play a vital role in providing answers to all the queries a student may have, notably linked to accommodation, traveling, international phone calling, food facilities, what documentaries are required, etc. Getting the visas and other documentation processed might sound stressful. The whole process itself has several steps to be followed and improper guidance or preparation will affect the whole process.

Students are often not clear about how well they can progress through international education. Consultants give them crucial information linked to all the programmes, activities, internships, and other ways in which they can enhance their resumes. Students can get the required information about the course they intend to cover in an institution. An education consultant will help you choose the best university based on your taste, availability of funds, and the results. They will give their guidance after understanding the student’s profile. They will also talk about the requirements for getting admission and career prospects.

Here are the ways in which education consultants will help the students:

1. Profile Evaluation

An overseas education consultant will first study and understand the student's profile. They provide the required guidance linked to suitable programmes or courses. They will also give an idea about how far students can build their careers after getting an education.

2. Selecting the University

is selected based on several criteria like affordability, overall rankings results, location, culture, etc. Consultants won't compromise on basic requirements like worldwide recognition and excellence in education. They will also consider the probability of getting an admission before selecting a university.

3. Admission Processing

Different universities will have different rules and regulations when it comes to admission forms. An overseas educational consultant will be familiar with all these rules. They will help the student prepare the required documents and fill out the admission forms.

4. Documents

Universities abroad will have a lot of demand. Students will be competing to get admission. So, understand the importance of assembling all the required documents, properly updated. A professional consultant will help in putting together all the documents.

Universities, especially the ones in UK and Canada, will ask for financial documents that prove that a student's education process will be well covered, including travel, food, and accommodation. Consultants will take care of the financial aid process as well.

5. Loans

Education loans need not be very expensive. Students can get it with enough time and minimal interest. An expert consultant will share all the information related to education loans, how they can get them, and what needs to be done.

To secure those finances, students should open a bank account in the country they are moving to. A consultant will provide the required guidance in that area as well.

6. Statement of Purpose (SOP) Preparation

Universities will take in those students who write a compelling essay or statement of purpose (SOP). A well-written SOP is technically a reflection of the student's personality. SOPs are expected to be truthful, sincere, and compelling.

A professional consultant will have an idea about what kind of an essay will guarantee his or her admission.

So, they will help students prepare an excellent, truthful, and informative SOP. They will work closely with the student to understand their ambitions and goals.

8. Exam or Interview Preparation

Certain universities will take in students based on how well they did in exams or interviews. A professional consultant will guide you on how to prepare and excel for the exams. They will suggest coaching classes or guides a student can refer to ace the tests.

9. Post University Acceptance

If the student aced the admission process, he or she will get an acceptance letter. Overseas education consultants will then provide the assistance needed in other processes like getting a suitable accommodation, managing lifestyle and managing finance, etc.

10. Rules Related To Student Visas

Rules and regulations linked to student visas will be different in different countries. An error might lead to rejections and delays of the visa. A professional consultant will provide visa counseling. Detailed information about the visa process will be given based on the country's rules and regulations.

11. Post Landing Guidance

Students will have to contact the country's internal affairs ministry to get a permit to live legally. They also should be in touch with the Indian embassy in case they face issues. A consultant will guide students through all that.

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