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Migrate To Canada From Saudi Arabia In 2022- Checklist

14 Nov 2022 Author : Scholab

Canada is one of the most popular destinations to live, work, or do higher studies among international students. Canada has successfully created a multicultural society by opening its doors to students from different cultures, religions, and communities. People from Middle East countries like UAE and Saudi Arabia prefer to migrate to Canada because of the great family policies for immigrants and the high quality of life. And, as per the reports, the country plans on welcoming over 1.3 million new immigrants between 2022 and 2024. If you are an Indian student living in Saudi Arabia and want to migrate to Canada, this article will be helpful for you.  

Benefits Of Canada Immigration Visa From Saudi Arabia 

Saudi-based students will get to experience several benefits when they migrate to Canada.

  • Canada permanent residency (PR) offers great family benefits like free education for kids up to adulthood and accessible healthcare for the whole family.
  • Foreign nationals won't face any job restrictions. People can change jobs whenever they want. They can enjoy permanent residency without a job. Your spouse can also work full-time in any company.
  • Foreign nationals can become a citizen of the country very quickly. Children born in Canada will become natural citizens of the country.
  • Canada has a great trade relationship with Saudi Arabia as the country imports Saudi oil. It also represents Canada’s second-largest trading partner in the Middle East. Saudi-based people are regarded as assets to the country's economy.

Possible Visa Categories  

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (Express Entry)
  • Provincial Nominee Programs
  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program
  • Quebec Skilled Worker Visa Program
  • Business Visa
  • Study Visa
  • Super Visa for Parents and Grandparents  

How To Get A Study Visa To Migrate To Canada?

1. Apply to a Canadian university and make sure that you have more than one option on your list. This is to have a backup in case you did not get admission to the first university you sought admission to.

2. Apply for a study visa in Canada. Keep in mind that this is the type of visa offered to students whose courses are longer than six months. By applying for this, you will get either a visitor visa or Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA).

3. You can apply online or submit a hard copy of both the application and supporting documents to your nearest Visa Application Centre.

4. Documents you will need for visa application are:

  • Proof of identity (ID)
  • Proof of acceptance from the institution
  • Proof of financial support

Proof of financial support can be shown in the following ways: 

  • The Canadian bank account you have
  • Payment for housing and tuition fees
  • Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC)
  • Proof of student or education loan
  • Bank overdraft that is converted to CAD
  • Proof of funding paid in Canada if you have a scholarship 

5. Language proficiency test: you are expected to take a test that analyses your proficiency in English or French.

  • TCF Canada: Test de connaissance du français
  • TEF Canada: Test d’évaluation de français
  • IELTS: International English Language Testing System
  • CELPIP: Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program

Checklist For Saudi Arabia To Canada Migration Through Express Entry Pathway

Follow these checklists to migrate from Saudi Arabia To Canada through the Express Entry Pathway.

1. Complete the English language test with an IELTS score of a minimum of 5 to get Express Entry Canada.

2. Get your Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report which is something applicants, who did their education outside Canada, should compulsorily provide.

3. Determine your Express Entry Eligibility by checking if the occupation comes under the O, A, or B category in the NOC list.

4. Create your Express Entry Profile by filling in all the personal details and programs you are interested in.

5. Submit your PR Application and the details will be verified by the IRCC.  

What is the cost of a Canadian permanent residency?  

  • The Educational Credential Assessment fee is expected to be as high as Rs 12,537 along with courier charges. Express Entry application is free of cost.
  • Application fees for a single applicant are Rs 75,505 whereas it is Rs 1,51,010 along with an additional cost of Rs 28,493 for the right to permanent residency.
  • If there are children, then the dependent fee for each child is 12,822.
  • The cost for completing a biometric is 4,844 for a single person and Rs 9,687 for more than one person.
  • If you have a valid passport, then you don't have to worry about any cost that comes with it.
  • The cost that comes with IELTS or other English language efficiency tests is approximately Rs 12,000.
  • The medical examination fees can vary, depending on the city but the average cost is expected to be Rs 3000. Same thing when it comes to police or background check.  

Planning To Migrate To Canada? Don't Know Where To Start?  

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