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What You Need To Know About International Student Identity Card

31 Aug 2022 Author : Scholab

International Student Identity Card or ISIC is an internationally accepted identity proof for students which verifies and grants them access to a lot of benefits and discounts. In simple words, ISIC can help students identify themselves as a student wherever they live. An international student ID card is issued by a non-profit organization named ISIC Association. ISIC card is issued in as many as 130 countries including India.


ISIC was born after World War II when the world collectively decided to act against the possible rise of fascism. Student organizations began to come together to work towards peace and cooperation. During an International Student Conference (ISC) held in 1953, student organizations decided to establish a single internationally recognized identity document that is valid around the world. This ID proof will help in promoting intercultural understanding and increasing education opportunities while providing travel concessions and other discounts. Till 2001, ISIC was only used as a travel card and a student ID card.

Now, it is also recognised as something meant to make a student's life easier in a foreign country.

Facts About ISIC

⮚ Every year, as many as 4.5 million ISIC cards are issued around the world. It is given to people who are 12 years of age and above.

⮚ ISIC is usually valid for 16 months, maybe 4 extra months, based on when the following academic semester begins in the year.

⮚ It is available in as many as 130 nations, recognized by its academic institutions, student organizations, and governments.

⮚ ISIC Exclusive Representatives form a global distribution network for these student ID cards.

⮚ ISIC has been endorsed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) for the promotion of student welfare.

⮚ ISIC Association is the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) Affiliate member as of the year 2013.

⮚ Its global partners include Mastercard, British Council, Education First, FlixBus, Hard Rock Café, The Economist, Homestay, Hostelsclub, Hostelworld, Hotels.com, Lonely Planet, SANDEMANs, and Withlocals.

Benefits Of Holding An ISIC

ISIC card lets you access a range of discounts on travel, shopping, movies, entertainment, tourist attractions, and food with over 5,000 companies. Some of the discounts you will get are:

● Discounts in many cafes, bars, and restaurants

● Discounts on flights and train tickets

● Special offers from theme parks and other attractions

● Discount for your first Uber ride

● Movie tickets at an affordable rate

● Discounts for groceries with Woolworths

How To Apply For ISIC?

Go to the ISIC website, select your country, and fill out the form. Or you can visit a local ISIC office but ensure that you visit the one close to you. After filling out the form, you will have to submit documents like:

● Copy of your university or student ID card which proves that you are a full-time student.

● Signed letter by an official of university stating you are studying there full time. Photocopies and faxes are accepted but the original copy is preferred.

● Proof of your date of birth like a passport, birth certificate, etc.

● Recent passport-sized photograph

● Visit the ISIC card Activation Page to activate the card online.

How Much Does An ISIC Cost?

The price of an International Student Identity Card varies depending upon the country of origin. It usually ranges somewhere between 4-25 US dollars. International Monetary Fund (IMF) calculates the price of the card to make it fairly accessible. It usually takes 3 to 4 weeks to process the online application and deliver the card, depending on the country of origin.

ISIC For Indian Students - All You Need To Know

● ISIC is available for Indian students who aspire to go and study abroad. ISIC is provided in association with major banks notably ICICI.

● ISIC costs Rs 500 in India and gives access to 1,50,000+ discounts in 125+ countries.

● It comes with insurance coverage in India.

Accidental Insurance - Cover INR 50,000/-

Permanent Disability Insurance - Cover INR 50,000/-

Accidental OPD Reimbursement - Cover INR 10,000/-

Notable Discounts Available for Indian Students


⮚ Booking.com - Get 4% Cashback + Up to 15% off with ISIC

⮚ University Living - 50 GBP Amazon Voucher & other benefits

⮚ Hostelsclub - No service fee + €10 credit for next booking

⮚ Meliá Hotels - Up to 25% Off

⮚ Generator Hostels - 20% Off on Accommodation

⮚ Homestay - 50% Off on Booking Fee

⮚ Hotels.com - 10% Off Online Bookings


⮚ JetBrains Academy - 50% Off

⮚ Adobe - 60% Off on Adobe Creative Cloud

⮚ JetBrains - Free Individual License

⮚ DcodeAI - 20% Off on Personal Subscription

⮚ ISIC Career Centre by KickResume - 100% discount on Kickresume Premium for 6 months

⮚ EduGorilla - 20% Off on Test Series

⮚ Easy Shiksha - 10% Off on e-Courses

⮚ Dragonlearn - 33% Off on Dragonlearn Premium Subscription

Transport and Travel

⮚ Eurail - 10% Off Eurail Pass

⮚ Rentalcars - 5% Off on Car Bookings

⮚ Emirates - 10% Off & Additional Baggage

⮚ tag8 - 20% Off on All Items

⮚ Gulati Travels - 10% off on Travel Insurance

Food and Drinks

⮚ Infinite Cafe - 15% Off on Total Bill

⮚ Bistro 57 - 10% Off on Total Bill

⮚ Grilled Tales - 15% Off on Total Bill

⮚ The Crispy Bites - 11% Off on Total Bill

⮚ Hong Kong Restaurant & Bar - 20% on total bill

⮚ Garima's Happy Cat - 20% Off above INR 200

⮚ Billu's Snacks & Restaurant - 10% Off on Total Bill

Education Abroad

⮚ ECCEDU - 20% Off for ECCEDU extremely practical education programs

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