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How to pick the perfect university?

29 Jul 2022 Author :

Would you like to study at a university abroad? Which is the right one for you?

You need to start looking for the perfect university at least 8 months before your studies begin. In that way, you will get time to narrow it down and make the required arrangement to move.

Here are some factors you need to keep in mind to select the perfect university:

● Check university rankings

There are hundreds of universities in different countries. In the United Kingdom (UK), there are 150 higher education institutions to choose from. There are 97 universities in Canada, 7 in Ireland, 8 in New Zealand, and 43 in Australia.

You need to check the student and staff ratio of a particular university you like to go to. The lower the student-staff ratio, the better it is for you.

As of 2022, the top 10 universities in the UK are

1. University of St Andrews

2. University of Oxford

3. University of Cambridge

4. Imperial College London

5. LSE (London School of Economics and Political Science)

6. Durham University

7. University College London

8. University of Warwick

9. University of Bath

10. Loughborough University

Top 10 universities in Australia as of 2022 are

1. University of Melbourne

2. Australian National University

3. The University of Queensland

4. Monash University

5. University of Sydney

6. UNSW Sydney

7. University of Adelaide

8. The University of Western Australia

9. University of Technology Sydney

10. University of Canberra

The top 10 universities in Canada (QS rankings) are

1. The University of Toronto

2. McGill University

3. The University of British Columbia

4. The University of Montreal

5. The University of Alberta

6. McMaster University

7. University of Waterloo

8. Western University

9. The University of Ottawa

10. The University of Calgary

● Find out the location and distance from your home

Where would you like to live? City or town? Your choice of university should be based on that. If you intend to move in with a friend or a relative living near the university then find out how far they are and how much expenses and time will into travelling.

● Select a course

What is your dream job? Which subject are you the most passionate about?

Choose a course while keeping all that in mind. Find a suitable university that provides an excellent education in whichever course you seek, in the field of engineering, science, and technology, medicine, art, commerce, business, or any other subjects. It is crucial that you have a well-streamlined course plan so that you won't have any regrets while going for higher studies.

● Check the course's content

Check out the website and other documents provided by the university you are opting for. Find out the information about the content they will be providing. Some universities will be famous for the course you are opting for and will get top-notch education and exposure. Checking the university ranking and student-staff ratio is pivotal for this reason.

● Find out about student accommodation

Check with the university staff or management regarding safe and secure accommodation and other facilities for students, especially for international students. Certain universities will provide accommodation as part of their packages.

● Find out about scholarships

Remember, you might be eligible for a scholarship. It can be based on the country of origin, gender, economic background, or how good your university application essay is.

Check the university's website for more information regarding scholarships. Canadian universities, for example, provide scholarships to eligible Indian students like the Shastri Research Student Fellowship, Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan, etc.

● Find out if there is provision for part-time jobs

Going for a part-time job will be good for your resume and personality. Plenty of universities provide provisions for students to do part-time jobs, notably in Canada and the UK.

In that way, students will be familiar with the country's culture, get exposure, develop skills, and earn some income.

If a part-time job is crucial for you then ensure that the university, you select, has provisions for that. If you have any doubts, then contact the management for more details.

● Find details about extracurricular activities, arts, and sports

You must be able to enjoy your life at the university. Search for societies and clubs in the university to make sure there’s something to match your hobbies. If there are opportunities in sports or arts, then you can go for them. Universities offer hundreds of extra-curricular activities, check for the ones that match your hobbies.

● Check how good the university's support system is

International students can experience social or mental health issues. Universities will provide facilities to help the students cope with it. You should check if there are provisions to help you.

Check out if there are unions or associations that provide mental health, financing, counseling, and course materials for students.

Universities might have protocols in place for international students, find out more details about that. If you have a pre-existing mental health condition, a disability, or any other additional needs, check out what resources are there in the university to help you with it.

● Check if it's within your budget

Universities, especially in Canada, will want to know if you have enough funds to cover your education. While getting funds, consider expenses like

▪ Tuition fees

▪ Travel

▪ Food

▪ Accommodation

▪ Uniform and other utilities

▪ Books

▪ Healthcare

▪ Leisure

● Find out about work opportunities

It is pivotal to know how much exposure you will get from the university of your choice. After all, you need to get the best out of it. Work and experience are important for a certain course, like medicine, nursing, engineering, etc.

Also, check the university's websites regarding campus placements and how much scope there is for international students.

So which university did you choose?

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