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How to pick the perfect university or college in Australia?

12 Aug 2022 Author : James Andrews

Do you dream of getting an education in Australia?

Australia is one of the best countries to study in as it is globally recognised as an 'education hub providing exemplary education to students from all over the world. The question remains, which college should you choose? Which course?

These questions can be overwhelming for you. Hopefully, this article will in be providing an insight into how you can choose the best college for educational purposes.

Choosing an educational institution in Australia

When it comes to choosing which university, you want to study in, you should start at least 8 months before the studies begin. You will need to decide based on many factors like where would you like to settle, and what course, among others. Most Australian universities will have a section dedicated to international students.

Consider the following factors before deciding:

1. Academic Excellence

Academic excellence does not necessarily mean that you should choose the highest-ranking university. Just choose the best-rated or reviewed university or college for a specific course you have selected.

2. International student support

Ensure that the university you have selected provides the required space and resources for international students. Make sure that the institution has:

● International Student Program Director

● Housing help

● Orientation to the university, city, and education system

● Advice services for foreign students

3. Location

Where do you want to live? A city or a town in Australia? Do you have a relative in the country you can move in with? Do you like hot or cold climates? Consider all that before selecting the college or university.

4. Funding

Check if the universities provide funding aid for international students. If they don't then you will have to arrange the funds. Though public institutions rarely have this option, private institutions sometimes give discounts or reduce the tuition fees.

5. Expenses

Apart from college fees, you will have to take into account the overall expenses like travel, food, healthcare, accommodation, and others.

6. Course

Check the university's website to know more about the contents of the course. If there is anything unclear, you will have to enquire about it. The overall budget depends on the course you have selected.

You will have to research thoroughly to know more about the college and courses. Whatever you choose must ensure that you have a successful and rewarding experience while studying.

Universities must also have provisions for you to have an enjoyable life. Certain universities will provide a range of social, sports, and cultural activities and clubs you can participate in. After all, studying at a university is not just about getting a degree. You must have a perfect study and social life balance to enjoy your time there.

In Australia, there are over 1,000+ higher education institutions offering a variety of courses.

What to know about higher education in Australia

Number of higher education institutions in Australia


Total number of universities in Australia


Number of courses offered in Australia


Tertiary level

University level education, vocational education, pathway courses, etc.

Areas of study offered in Australia

The Business, Design & Architecture, IT & Engineering, Science, Social Sciences, amongst others.

Higher education in Australia (under tertiary education) includes:

● Universities and higher education institutions (certificate, diploma, undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral)

● Vocational Education Training (VET)

● Pathway courses

● English language courses

Duration of these courses are as follows:

Higher Education Levels

Course Duration

Application Open


5 weeks to 1 year

Around the year


1 year or more

Feb usually


1 to 4 years

Feb usually


3 to 4 years

March (may vary)


1 to 2 years

March (may vary)


3 years + 1 for review

Per Ph.D. supervisor suggestion

Factors you need to consider before moving to Australia

Before you select a university or a college in Australia, you must take these factors into consideration:

1. Location

Bigger cities require students to travel more to their universities, leading to a higher cost of living. Whereas in smaller cities or rural areas, commute time is lower along with other benefits like limited spending on accommodation and other personal expenses.

2. Availability of the Choice

Imagine spending all the time and energy only to find out that the required course is not there in the specific college or university. Before selecting the course, also check the duration of the course, tuition fees, and types of scholarships that might be available for international students.

3. Industry Experience

Students who have a vision of getting into the industry of their choice must select an educational institution that will offer:

● Work Experience

● Internship

● Volunteering

● Freelancing

List of universities or colleges you can investigate

Innovative Research Universities (IRU): members of IRU are committed to delivering excellence in teaching and research in the country.

Universities that come under IRU are as follows:

● Charles Darwin University (Darwin)

● Flinders University (Adelaide)

● Griffith University (Brisbane, Gold Coast)

● James Cook University (Townsville)

● La Trobe University (Melbourne)

● Murdoch University (Perth)

● Western Sydney University (Sydney)

Australian Technology Network (ATN): members of ATN are committed to producing industry-ready and enterprising graduates.

Institutions coming to ATN are

● The University of Technology Sydney (Sydney)

● RMIT University (Melbourne)

● University of South Australia (UniSA) (Adelaide)

● Curtin University (Perth)

Group of Eight (Go8): Go8 are universities with a specific focus on research.

Go8 universities are

● The University of Melbourne (Melbourne)

● The University of Adelaide (Adelaide)

● The University of Queensland (Brisbane)

● The University of Western Australia (Perth)

● Monash University (Melbourne)

● The University of Sydney (Sydney)

● The University of New South Wales (UNSW) (Sydney)

● Australian National University (Canberra)


It is pivotal that you take the time and energy to choose which institution is right for you. You need to take factors like the tuition fee, flight tickets, and the cost of living into consideration before selecting the university or college. You also need to get GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) or an English language proficiency certificate for the same. If you require a hand to hold, Scholab is the perfect platform to turn to.

Scholab provides all kinds of information regarding what to do and where to go when it comes to higher education in Australia.

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