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Writing A Scholarship Essay For Overseas Education? Here Are Some Tips & Strategies

29 Sep 2022 Author : Scholab

A good education is crucial to train one's mind to prepare for the future. People opt for popular institutions outside their country of origin. This may not be possible for a lot of individuals who cannot afford the expenses that come with Overseas Education. Every individual deserves and should be able to get a quality education. Therefore, several institutions or organisations have introduced various scholarships for students. Scholarships have played a crucial role in fulfilling students' dreams, especially those students who dreamt of going outside and having an entirely different campus experience.

Popular belief is that scholarships are given to those students who are regarded as ‘promising’ or ‘brilliant.’

That need not be the case all the time. Scholarships offered by different institutions or organisations are given based on their own set of rules.

Scholarships are usually offered based on certain essays written by students. Students are expected to write a compelling piece about why they would like to study and are worthy of a scholarship.

Scholarship Essay

A scholarship from a reputed foreign university is a great achievement for a student. A scholarship essay is the reflection of the aspiring student's personality and desires. It is also a brief comprehension of a topic or a discussion provided by the university.

Getting a scholarship is worth it as it covers all the major expenses like tuition fees, books, accommodation costs, return airfare, and more. If you are preparing for your scholarship essay, then these tips might help you ace this test.

Do Crucial Research

Students must do enough research about the scholarship essay and the institution that is providing the same. Check out the history of an institution or organization and look for the key aspects they are looking for in a student. Try to get old essay samples. It is better to confide in a friend or a relative who has written these essays. There are plenty of sources online that can offer old essays or samples.

Understand What They're Looking For

There is a tendency for people to replicate another person's essay or pen down something that is completely superficial. Students are advised not to do that. Students can refer to old essays just to understand the structure and the overall context. Students must write a fresh essay that reflects their personality. In general, institutions look for:

  • Academic background
  • Leadership skills
  • Innovation or creativity
  • Clarity of thoughts
  • Honesty
  • Personality

Honesty is a crucial facet because students should be able to convince the institution to offer them financial aid without giving scope to elements of surprise.


Institutions offer scholarships to those students who are both promising and unique. While writing the essay, students must highlight what makes them unique as a person and why they deserve the scholarship. Scholarship judges should be able to believe in them and their stories.

Read And Identify Key Themes

Since clarity of thought is another crucial component scholarship judges look for in an essay, students need to read through the statements that are given to them. Then, they should identify the key themes and topics mentioned in it. Students are usually expected to write about their accomplishments or challenges they faced and how they overcame them. Write all the facts carefully and truthfully.

Mention Passions And Hobbies 

Everyone has a hobby. Their ambitions are driven by their passion for a subject or a field. Students are expected to mention all this in brief in their essays. If there is something one is very good at or something they have been doing for a long time, these points can be crucial additions to the essay.

Create A Compelling Narrative 

One of the advantages of reading previously written essays is that one gets an idea about what truly moved the judges. It can be anything, like a backstory or an achievement. Oftentimes, students impress their teachers by simply narrating why they want the scholarship and what their dreams are. There should be something in that essay that is so powerful that it draws in the audience, including a judge.

Pay Attention To The Word Limit

This is something one shouldn't miss while penning a scholarship essay. The number of words should neither be too less nor too much. Pay utmost attention to the word limit and write the essay accordingly. In the beginning, it is relatively safe to write the essay slightly above the word limit so that the editing process is easier. However, the final draft should touch the word limit properly.

Plan It Properly 

A scholarship essay is something that determines your future in an institution. So, it should be given the required importance and focus. Students should plan their writings properly and create a structure that works. Prepare an outline that covers all the crucial points. Ensure that complicated words and sentences are avoided. Essays usually get rejected due to reasons like:

  • Character limit
  • Word limit
  • Standard font size
  • Font type
  • Use of colours

Be Specific 

Avoid using complex sentences and write down all the necessary points that has to be included in the essay. Students usually hesitate before revealing their financial reality or family circumstances. They must mention everything truthfully no matter what they choose to write.

Check For Plagiarism 

Students should do effectively do all the final touches like proper editing and plagiarism check. Essays will get rejected if there is sufficient plagiarism in them. It is safe to submit an essay that is 100% plagiarism-free.

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