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Easy Ways To Earn Money While Studying Abroad

27 Sep 2022 Author : Scholab

Studying in an institution outside India is a lot of fun! You get to meet different people coming from their respective nations and cultures. You get to hang out and spend all the luxury time while throwing serious focus on your studies.

Fact remains that you will need enough funds to truly experience that university life. You will have to pay rent, food, travel, and other expenses. So, it is better to go for a part-time job, just to earn enough to pay for your fun time.

You can go for a local part-time job that pays well and respects your time. You can work as a cashier or staff of a department store, retail shops, clothes shops, etc. These jobs don't require a degree and they pay you very well on a weekly or monthly basis.


Do you like to write? Are you familiar with major software like photoshop, illustrator? Do you like to take photographs? You can choose any of these artistic professions as a freelancer. There will be plenty of opportunities out there.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that certain universities will have conditions when it comes to the type of part-time you are expected or permitted to do. If your university permits freelance work then go for it.

One of the biggest benefits of freelancing is the flexibility that comes with it. You can set up profiles on platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, or Airtasker.

Tuition Classes

Do you enjoy teaching? You can take tuition classes in an institution or at your residence. Ask your teachers if they need teaching assistants or if they have a tutoring scheme at your university.


This is one of the easiest and most well-paid jobs. This is especially recommended for women. Babysitters are paid per day or hour to look after children and make sure they are safe, secure, and obedient. Being a good babysitter will help your profile.

Dog Walking

Just like babysitting, dog walking is another profession that will help you earn friends and respect in the community. To advertise your services to the community, try putting your details on a local job boards or Facebook groups.

On-campus jobs

Certain universities will provide on-campus jobs for students where they can earn while they learn. Some of the available jobs include

Social media work


As a cafe waiter


Canteen staff

Analysis and research work

You will find several professors who are willing to pay students in exchange for knowledge entry and other aspects of research and analysis work.

Do sales work

You can try being a sales representative or executive for a company. Certain companies will take in university or college students as part of their training or recruitment programmes. Find out more details about it through their websites or other sources.

Or do you have talent in baking, cooking, event management, or arts and crafts? You can organise a team and start a small business of your own.

Do writing jobs

Content writers have a lot of demand, and you can find suitable writing jobs that do not clash with your university work and timings.

Teach English

If you find Indian families living in the country who need assistance in learning the English language, then you can share your knowledge and skills with them. Advertise your services on campus or online to find people who are looking for English tutors.

Translation services

This is a job that has a great demand outside India, especially in Canada and the UK. There are institutions that are looking for suitable translators in major Indian languages like Hindi, Sanskrit, Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil, etc. You can try for that area if you are confident enough about it.

Translators have the privilege of setting their pay grade depending on their experience level and efficiency.

Become a tour guide

Be part of the country's attempts at making people feel at home. Reach out to tourism companies and check if they require tour guides, especially those of international origin. You can work as a tour guide and help people around the place for a reasonable price.


This is a common profession seen amongst students studying in major institutions. They can also arrange for suitable shifts with their employers. You can apply in different hotels, restaurants, bars, or cafes, wherever they seek waiters or waitresses.

This is the best job you can opt for when it comes to the summer holidays.

Start a travel blog

You can make money through your own blogs. Blogs will also provide scope to help you improve your writing skills, as well as your creativity. Look for a way to fill a niche, write stand-out content and monetize your blog.

You must remember to update your blog as regularly as possible and promote it on social media pages. Substack and medium will provide paid writing opportunities.

Sell books

Do you have old books with you? You can try selling it for a good price. There are avid readers who will love to buy books from you. You can also sell your old textbooks to students who can't afford it, at a reasonable price.

Start a youtube channel

Vlogging is more popular than blogging these days. Do you like to be in front of the camera?

Well then start a YouTube channel and work on a suitable content. Promote this content on the social media handles. You can make money through Adsense. If your channel is successful, then you will get sponsors.