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5 Campuses that are so green, you'd never want to leave

28 Jul 2022 Author : Gini James

Our Earth is green.

The presence of greenery can help in uplifting a person's mood and plays a significant in boosting productivity. Institutions around the world are working towards a sustainable environment by promoting greenery in their campus spaces.

Since education provides the building blocks for the future of the world, educational institutions consider issues like climate change and global warming as something they should handle. Inspiring students to co-exist with the greenery around them will help a great deal in creating a safe and comfortable world for the coming generations.

Planning to study abroad? Do you enjoy greenery?

Here is a list of those colleges and universities that are so green that you'd never want to leave.

1. Australian National University - Australia

Visit the grandeur campus of ANU, which has been working hard for the environment for decades. In 2009, the Australian National University (ANU) received the International Sustainable Campus Network Award for engaging the entire academic community in activities linked to sustainability and green environment programs. ANU also gave birth to many brilliant researchers who are working hard in this field. Dr. Ian Fry from ANU, is the world's first special rapporteur for human rights and climate change, working with the United Nations. Climate Change Institute is based at the Australian National University.

2. Manchester Metropolitan University - UK

Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) has dedicated its resources toward environmental conservation. MMU has a beautiful campus with lush greenery and students who love the eco-system will love it there. In 2013, MMU won the maximum marks for environmental policy, auditing, and environmental management systems. Along with that, the campus was lauded for the sustainability staff and education for sustainable development.

3. University of Sherbrooke - Canada

University of Sherbrooke has one of the most beautiful and well-maintained campuses in the world. This French-language university in Quebec, Canada, made it to the list made by UI GreenMetric, a worldwide university ranking system, in 2012. The list had named the world's most sustainable and eco-friendly campuses, of the year, back then.

It was lauded for its ability to maintain:

● Setting

● Infrastructure

● Energy and climate change awareness

● Waste management

● Water management

● Transportation

● Education about environment

4. University Of Ottawa - Canada

Sustainability and greenery are the facets the University of Ottawa gives a lot of importance. The University of Ottawa and similar schools like this saw more students enroll in sustainability programs, according to an article published in Maclean's Magazine.

On their official website, the University of Ottawa mentioned that sustainability isn’t just a job for them, it is a lens through which they "see the world." The campus also focuses on activities like

● Building and green spaces on the campus and around

● Working on emissions and climate change

● Developing sustainable food systems

● Waste diversion

● Water management

● Sustainable environment plan

Some of the initiatives taken up by the students and staff of the institution include:

● Making community gardens

● "Dump and run"

● Earth hour

● Free Store

● Muggy Mondays

● RecycleMania

If you love the environment and want to be involved in more similar activities, this is the perfect option for you.

5. York University - Canada

York University is one of the most popular and top-ranked universities in Canada. York University has a beautiful campus, surrounded by prepossessing covers of green. Students and staff also partake in different events and public talks related to environmental conservation. Toronto campus has initiatives to build more community gardens. They also have a Green Campus Co-operative program that focuses on fair trade and organic goods.

Institutions, in general, are recommended to have a green campus for the students. Reasons for that are as follows:

● It inspires them to partake in any initiative linked to environmental conservation and sustainable development.

● It is also better for the student's mental health and overall development.

● Greenery will help in improving the air quality. Plants in a room can reduce the amount of dust by 20%, according to a study conducted at the Washington State University. Outside the room, plants will absorb carbon dioxide and give out oxygen during the photosynthesis process. It will help in filtering out suspended particulate matter and toxicity in the air.

● Greenery plays a crucial role in dealing with noise pollution. They will muffle ambient sounds including traffic, crowd, water noises, and others.

If students spend some time outside amidst plants and trees, their contentment levels will be boosted. Office spaces themselves use plants and other forms of greenery to help with the employees' mental health and to increase their productivity. Similarly, students' commitment to their studies and assignments will improve considerably.

Institution buildings are recommended to have plants grown on them to help in preventing the harmful effects of weather including acid rain, UV radiation, and wind-related problems. Plant coverings on the buildings prevent the full heat of the sun’s rays from reaching the walls, thus helping in furthering the energy conservation efforts.

It is also important that the students who come to the campus are happy and content. Extremely hot and humid weather will affect their concentration. A student is creative, productive, and loyal when they are happy. University management can play a small role in ensuring all that by dedicating some funds and resources to producing more greenery.

Looking forward to studying at any of these campuses?

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