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Why are international students seen as valuable assets abroad?

12 Aug 2022 Author :

If you are looking forward to migrating to foreign countries like Canada, the UK, or Australia then you will be welcomed wholeheartedly with all the provisions and measures required to make your stay worthwhile. There have been many criticisms and concerns regarding how well international students will be treated in these nations. It is imperative to leave aside those criticisms as such.

Indian students with their knowledge and talent in STEM subjects and strong work ethics have had their advantages all over the world. They have not only been able to have a great education, but Indians also play a crucial role in major companies and the administration of the country’s government.

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development(OECD) data revealed that between 2015 and 2020, the global motility rate increased by 60%. This means that by 2025, over eight million students will be pursuing their education outside their country of origin.

Importance of international students in a country

● Contribution to the economy

Students are expected to get enough and more funds for their tuition fees, food and clothing, transportation, and other living expenses when they move to a country. Since they access public services, they will contribute well to the country's economic growth. They contribute to the country's scientific and technical research and create longer-term business relationships and economic benefits, as confirmed by Institute of International Education(IIE) data.

● Contribution to campuses

Campuses particularly in the US and the UK have lauded the international students for bringing in their culture and for creating diversity and a better temper for research. They also help the home students create a learning environment and develop internationally relevant skills.

● Soft power

International students play a pivotal role in providing soft power. Soft power is the ability of a nation to persuade others to work in their favour without coercion. When they go back to their country of origin, students become informal ambassadors for the country and its universities.

Hollie Chandler, Russell Group senior policy analyst, said that through this, foreign students help in strengthening trade, research, and diplomatic links between nations.

● Image of the country and university

A country's image and ability to be a good host can be furthered on a global scale through international students. People from around the world apply to a specific university because of its image and status on a global platform. Oxford university has that image before the world. Canada is lauded as one of the best countries to study because of the way it embraced diversity over the years.

Countries should be open to these ideas and create structures to provide scope for foreign students.

Here is how international students helped the following countries:


Australia as a nation regards education as its most valued wealth. In 2018, Professor Ian Jacobs, President, and Vice-Chancellor of UNSW and Chair of the Group of Eight Universities (Go8U) addressed the country about the importance of education. He had acknowledged nations China and India for breaking the mould of economic insecurities through a proper education system.

He also lauded the international students for bringing in their abundant knowledge and skills in various fields.

As of 2018, Australia generated 5 billion AUD (3.47 billion USD) through non-Australian students who wanted to study in the country. Foreigners made up 26.7% of the student body population in Australian universities, as reported in 2019.

International students are encouraged to study, work, and stay in regional areas after the new immigration policy was published by the Australian government.

The United Kingdom

While the UK has been at the center of flak when it comes to immigration, the nation is known for welcoming foreign students. In a study, it is mentioned that the domestic students in the UK show more positive attitudes toward foreign students.

Foreign students are worth £28.8 billion to the UK economy, according to a report published by Universities UK International (UUKI) and the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI). The country gets to have the benefits of hosting foreign students as they use public services more.


In Canada, international students are regarded as a boon. They are the ones who bring in premium funds to help with their education.

"International students spent 8 billion dollars in Canada on tuition, accommodation and other expenses," mentioned a federal report published over a decade ago.

This means that they helped in creating 81,000 jobs and generating $455 million in tax revenue for the government. In 2013, the Harper government’s Economic Action Plan set aside funds to encourage and bring in more foreign students. It was reported six years ago that international students helped infuse over $12 billion into the Canadian economy.


ICEF Monitor had mentioned that having more international students means that their universities are valued, and they get to have more contributed to the economy.

Foreign students bring in funds as big as €1 billion to the country's economy whereas English language students alone bring in €300 million. The Irish government is determined to increase the number in the coming years even after being hit by the pandemic.

New Zealand

New Zealand lauded the presence of international students for its thriving global connection. 'New Zealand International Education Strategy 2018-2030,' mentioned the country's plans to ensure sustainable growth, better student experience, and development of global citizens.

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