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Why Choose University of Northampton ?

16 Feb 2024 Author : Scholab

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Why choose the University of Northampton?

The University of Northampton is a public university located in Northampton, England.

It was established in 1999, but it has roots dating back to 1924 with the establishment of the Northampton Technical College.


The university has two main campuses: Waterside Campus and Avenue Campus.

Waterside Campus, the main campus, is located in the town center of Northampton and opened in 2018.

Academic Programs:

The university offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in various disciplines, including arts, business, education, health, science, and social sciences.

Special Features:

The University of Northampton is known for its focus on social impact and community engagement.

It has received recognition for its commitment to sustainability and environmental initiatives.


The university is involved in research across different areas, and it encourages student involvement in research projects.

Student Life:

The university provides a variety of student support services, including academic support, counseling, and career services.

There are numerous clubs, societies, and activities for students to get involved in.


The University of Northampton is recognized by various accreditation bodies, and specific program accreditations may vary.

Contact Information:

Official Website: https://www.northampton.ac.uk/