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5 Interesting facts about Malta which make it the Best for abroad studies

13 Jul 2023 Author : Scholab

Malta is a tiny island nation in the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea. This country has an excellent education system and is a very popular destination for students from abroad. It is a fantastic choice if you are looking to study overseas, especially if you are on a tight budget. Here are 5 interesting facts about Malta which make it the best for studying abroad.

Education System

The first reason why you choose a destination for studies must be its quality of education. Malta has a well-established educational system. The universities have a wide range of graduate and postgraduate programs. The standard of education is as good as any other European country. Some of the colleges are:

University of Malta

London School of Commerce, Malta

Malta College of Arts, Science, and Technology

The colleges have two intakes in a year-one in February and the other in October. You can apply to anyone of these.


One of the biggest challenges for many students when they choose a foreign country for education, is the language there. Even though the course is in English, people in the country might only speak a local language, making it difficult for international students. In Malta, however, the second language is English. Almost all courses are available and are taught in English. Most people in the country speak English, apart from Maltese.


Compared to many European countries, Malta has a low cost of living. Food and accommodation are affordable for most students, depending on the standard of life they choose. Students often get special deals and discounts. Malta is famous for providing most healthcare services for free to its international students. Students are allowed to work 90 days after their arrival. They can work up to 20 hours a week, like in many other European countries. This makes it a lot easier for students to handle their expenses.

Mediterranean Climate

Malta enjoys mild winters and hot summers. The climate is pleasant and sunny most of the time. The island’s breathtaking beaches can be enjoyed in this fantastic climate throughout the year. You can engage in fishing, surfing, horse riding, etc. The climate is perfect for recreation as well as studies.


Students from around the world come to Malta to pursue their education. Almost 20% of the island’s population comprises international students. This allows you to mingle with students of various cultures. You can also be comfortable by finding a community from your own country.


Malta is a small, serene country with a rich cultural heritage. The entire capital city of Valletta is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are over 300 churches and some architectural marvels in this place. You can explore Malta's historical structures and stunning natural beaches during your leisure time. It is a treasure trove for lovers of history and architecture. If that is not enough, your visa permits you to travel to 26 European countries. Studying in the prestigious universities in Malta will be an exceptional experience if you choose them.

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