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Why is Germany the Best for studying abroad?

10 Jul 2023 Author : Scholab

Thousands of students today dream of studying abroad. Germany is one of the best and most popular destinations for students to pursue their higher education. Over the decades, Germany has attained the reputation of being the most popular among international students. Starting from a low tuition fee, there are many reasons for this. This blog tells you why Germany is the best for studying abroad.

Quality Education

Studying abroad is a tricky task for many students and requires some compromises. However, the quality of education should never be compromised. German institutions are renowned for their research-based education and practical learning. The universities are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and world-class educators. A wide range of courses are available in almost every discipline possible.


You read that right! Most universities in Germany do not charge a tuition fee. And even those institutions that do, the fee is very low. This applies not only to the locals but also to international students. Isn’t that amazing? This huge advantage makes quality education affordable for all students. The students can use their money to find comfortable accommodation near the colleges and for other basic requirements.

Several Work Opportunities

Germany allows students up to 20 hours of work per week or 120 days a year. This means that you can supplement your education funds by working while studying. It is also an excellent opportunity to mingle with the locals, gain local work experience, learn German, and understand the culture of this beautiful country. There are different varieties of jobs that you can take up as salesmen, bartenders, babysitters, etc.

The experience you get by working can be an added advantage when you look for a job after completing the course. Germany is home to several global companies. Therefore, the prospects of finding high-paying job opportunities in the future are very high.

Travel with the Student Visa

Have you checked out where Germany is on the world map? If not, you will be pleasantly surprised by the number of European countries surrounding Germany. With the German student visa, you can travel to all the Schengen countries, such as Austria, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, etc. It is an outstanding opportunity to explore the world. Students can mold a global perspective and network with like-minded students or professionals during such trips.

Safe and Student-friendly Environment

The big cities of Germany have a vibrant life day and night, making them attractive to young students. The country is known for being safe and student-friendly. Students can avail themselves of many offers and discounts using their student passes.


The reputed universities in Germany focus on your skill-building and make you more employable. The credentials of studying at German universities are primarily sufficient for students to find high-paying jobs anywhere in the world. The students holding certificates from renowned German institutions are highly valued and sought after in the job arena. The world-class education at affordable rates, a robust student visa, and many job opportunities in Germany make it the best choice for studying abroad.

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