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Reasons to Approach Study Abroad Consultants

28 Sep 2023 Author : Scholab

Study Abroad Consultants are a guiding light for parents and students who wish to go

abroad for their higher studies. With their rich experience of sending several students

to universities worldwide, study abroad consultants can simplify decision-making and

processing related to your application. Here are some important reasons to approach

study abroad consultants.

Career Counselling

Study abroad consultants can counsel you to choose the right course based on your

academic scores and interests. Once you decide on a path, they can give you multiple

options of universities in various countries that offer your desired course. Their

experience of sending several students to these universities is an asset for you while

making your decision.


The main concern for many parents while sending their children abroad is the budget

involved. A study abroad consultant will be able to give you a clear picture of the

finances required for the course, ticket, and visa. They can also help you estimate the

amount needed for accommodation, food, and other expenses during your stay in the

foreign country. This helps you plan and prepare your finances.

Streamline Application Process

The application process to most foreign universities is tedious. You would need many

documents about your identity, address, parents’ financial stability, academic reports,

recommendations, SOP, etc. Each country and university might have a different

application process. A study abroad consultant helps you by clearly stating the

documents you may need for the university of your choice. This helps in minimizing

errors, saving your time and energy. Many countries also have a requirement for a

stipulated score in English language proficiency tests like GRE, TOEFL, and IELTS. Your

consultant can easily guide you through such procedures and reduce your hassles.

Getting Your Visa

Once the university accepts your application, you must start the process of getting a visa

to the country. The process and requirements are different for different countries. A

study abroad consultant makes it a cakewalk for you by helping you fill out your

applications and guiding you for the visa interview wherever necessary. Moreover, visa

rules often keep changing. Your consultant can update you with the alterations so you

don’t waste precious time.


Study abroad consultants become your mentors and guides for some time, even after

you reach your destination.

 The consultants can give you local contacts, probably of other students who

joined your university through them in the preceding years.

 They can guide you with the right part-time job opportunities which you can take

up along with your studies.

 Study abroad consultants can help you reserve accommodation space before you

reach there.

 In case of any other emergencies during your course, your consultants can help

you with the formalities.


Consider study abroad consultants such as Scholab as your best friends who help you

reach your dream course and university. With their abundant experience and expertise,

they can assist you at every step of decision-making, application, and other formalities.

The overall process is simplified and completed meticulously within the stipulated time.

If you have any more questions or queries, call us at +91 7902525250 or email us at info@scholabedu.com.